Pro Apex Player HisWattson Discloses Catfishing Incident
Apex Legends professional player HisWattson has broken his silence today,
Hackers are now Kidnapping you from your game!
Cheaters are at it again and appear to have the
March 29th Patch Notes: Warrior Event, Control Returns, and New Arena Map
Bug Fixes, Weapon rework, Control optimized, and new event Hey
New Patch Today! With New Store Event
A new patch dropped today and it is causing issues
Glitch! Heal While in Wraith Portal
You can heal and recharge shields in Wraith Portal Hey
Apex Legends Mobile Released Today! For Select Regions
Apex Legends Mobile is releasing today Feb. 28th in these
Glitch! Loba Can Cancel Ultimates Now!
Loba's Ultimate will cancel Wraith and Ash's portals now! Hey
Apex Legends Update 1.89 Official Patch Notes (February 22)
Respawn officially released their notes for the update that hit
Patch Notes for Feb. 22nd Update – Fixes Coming
A list of what fixes to expect in the patch
New Octane and Rampage LMG Instant Reload Glitch
Using Octane's Stim Tactical while reloading the Rampage LMG will