Apex Legends Mobile Released Today! For Select Regions

Apex Legends Mobile is releasing today Feb. 28th in these 10 Regions

New Zealand

These are for testing purposes in these countries before the global launch, but there is a way for you to gain access to the mobile game no matter where you are located!

How to download and Play Apex Legends Mobile no matter where you live

Set up a VPN on your iOS or Android Device:
-NordVPN, Surfshark, atlasVPN all have free 30-day trials and are the best on the market right now
-Install one of these 3 and get your free 30-day trial then cancel before you are charged, or pay for them if you'd like they aren't very expensive

Through the VPN, set your device region to one of the 10 countries listed

IMPORTANT - Create a new Apple ID (iOS) or a new Google Account (Android) and make their region the same as you set the VPN.
-The process won't work unless the user logged in has the same region as the VPN
-Yes this means you won't be able to play Apex Mobile on your main account just yet, but at least you can play it.
-This means anything you purchase with that new account will not transfer over, so just use it to play the game before the rest of the world and have fun.

After VPN and new account are set up, go into Play Store or App Store and search for Apex Legends Mobile.
-If you did any steps wrong you will see this

-If you did them correctly you will be able to press the Download button

Then download the game and play!

Here is a step by step video for iOS users:

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new Mobile grind!

Stay frosty Legends

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