Glitch! Loba Can Cancel Ultimates Now!

Loba's Ultimate will cancel Wraith and Ash's portals now!

Hey Legends!

A huge problem with portal Ultimates in-game right now. While using Loba's Ultimate on either a Wraith portal or Ash's portal it will make them disappear. Thanks to Psamatheh who posted on Twitter, we can see how the glitch works.

Essentially throwing Loba's Ultimate right on the portals will cancel them out. This will even pull any Legends using the portals at that moment out and expose them for enemy fire.

It's worth noting that this will also work on Revenant's Totem and Maggie's Wrecking Ball. This can also be done simply by shooting or damaging these Ultimates as well, which is part of the game and takes time to destroy. The Loba Ultimate will delete the Totem and Wrecking Ball instantly.

Stay frosty Legends

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