New Octane and Rampage LMG Instant Reload Glitch

Using Octane's Stim Tactical while reloading the Rampage LMG will cancel the animation and reload the gun instantly!

So Rampage is back with another glitch that well help you win those clutch millisecond gunfights. All you need is to play as Octane and use his Stim Tactical right after you reload the Rampage. You'll see in this video by Skeptation that the reload is almost instant.

Rampage does have quite a long reload compared to other weapons, and rightfully so since it is a powerful gun. So using this glitch will allow you to always have bullets flying out of it. It may be time for another Rampage nerf.

Better get our there and start blanketing the firefight with endless bullets while you can!

Stay frosty Legends

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