Glitch! Heal While in Wraith Portal

You can heal and recharge shields in Wraith Portal

Hey Legends!

So a new glitch allows players to heal and charge shields while traveling in the Wraith Portal Ultimate, which has caused a lot of issues within firefights. A player can now engage in a firefight then go through the portal, heal and charge shields to the other side and back to the fight. Thanks to Rossbobsquirrel we know how this glitch works.

How to perform the glitch

Any legend can perform the glitch as long as there is a Wraith on the team as well

-You need to have 2 weapons in your inventory, one of which has to have 1 attachment. The other can be the main weapon you will use after the glitch is done, it can have all the attachments you want on it.

-Have the weapon with 1 attachment equipped and in your hands

Weapon with 1 attachment equipped

-Mantle a wall or ledge without climbing over, i.e. press your jump button onto the surface but don't press again.

Mantle Ledge/Wall

-Go into inventory and move the attachment to your backpack, leaving the equipped weapon bare. Then drop your equipped weapon on the ground.

Move attachment from the weapon and into backpack inventory

-Then climb over your wall or ledge, and you should have nothing in your hands. Go to a charge station or anything you can interact with.

Interact with charge station

-While interacting, pull up your inventory and equip the second weapon that you'll be using for the rest of the game.

Equip the second weapon while interacting

-You will now be able to go about the rest of your game with the ability to heal inside the portal when needed.

Using shield cell while traveling in the portal

Instead of canceling your heal or shield recharge when you enter the Wraith portal, it will continue to heal and recharge you as you normally would. In this case, you'll be able to do it and not get touched while doing so. Since you are safe from damage while traveling forward and backward in the portal, you essentially have a lot of time to heal fully.

Stay frosty Legends

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