Patch Notes for Feb. 22nd Update – Fixes Coming

A list of what fixes to expect in the patch coming this Tuesday February 22nd!

Some very good news for many players coming this Tuesday. This is all coming straight from the Dev Tracker. Our complaints have been heard and fixes are on their way.

One of the major complaints are lobbies in the Control LTM where the game ends with 6v9, 3v7, or even a 1v8:

-Without a leave penalty players have no consequences for leaving a match when undesirable conditions occur. Well we are now getting the fix for that. A leaving penalty will be enacted in this update:

-In Control Mode Caustic's gas can prevent teammates shields from recharging while they are in it. This can be extremely detrimental to a squad trying to win a firefight to hold a zone:

-While using the kinetic feeder hop-up, the Peacekeeper can shoot 2 times in a row instantly instead of having the delay between shots. With Peacekeeper already being a very deadly weapon in the hands of a player who can hit all their shots within range, this just means they can now do a twice as fast TTK:

-If you drop any item in the snow it can be heard throughout the entire map. I haven't witnessed this myself. However, it would not be a good thing if you can be heard not by footsteps up close but by dropping an item much further away:

-I have used Wraith close to the wall but have not had this issue. However, many players have complained that their Wraith Ultimate will disappear if deployed close to Harvester wall:

Surprisingly there was no mention of the Bloodhound Prestige Skin Bug in these "Coming to future patch" or "Investigating" categories. Respawn did already announce they were aware of the bug and are working to fix it.

So they are "investigating" it but just not releasing any information on it or adding on tracker. I'm hoping the reason it was not mentioned in the tracker is because they are keeping it quiet so players will still buy the skin, and that this will also be fixed on Tuesday. If you paid $160 for something I would expect that to make it be the priority to fix it, but it is Respawn we are talking about here.

One last note is there was not a fix greenlighted for PS4 frames. They are still working on resolving this issue, and I hope PS4 players will get their own individual patch issued the moment it is fixed.

Stay frosty Legends

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