Leak! New Survival Item Coming to Apex that Doesn’t Expire!

A new shield recharge item that will be coming to the game, but it doesn't get consumed or used up.

Hey Legends!

We don't have a new Survival Legend coming out it seems, but what we will have are some new survival items. Thanks to xJust_be_nicex on Reddit, an image of the new "Shield Capacitor" that is coming to the game.

A lot is not known of this new item however it is being tested by developers. We do know from the trailer that a Medcenter is coming to the game, and this could be one of the items coming with it.

What will the Shield Capacitor do?

The Medium Shield Capacitor:

-Heals a medium amount of shields. With 60s cooldown

It may be safe to say that the other rarities of this item (if there will be any) will follow a tiered amount of shield gained when used. For instance:

The Small Shield Capacitor (White Rarity):

-Heals a small amount of shields. With 60s cooldown

The Large Shield Capacitor (Purple Rarity):

-Heals a large amount (or all) of shields. With 60s cooldown

I very much look forward to a type of survival item that does not expire or get used up. This will mean you can find your Large Shield Capacitor and just go about your firefight. Take cover only when your cooldown is in effect.

Stay frosty Legends

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