Deathmatch Coming to Apex!

New files from Season 12 show hidden game code for a "Free Deathmatch"

So I know everyone has been waiting and waiting for a deathmatch mode to come to Apex Legends, and so have I. Well we have heard rumors in the past year that it will come to the game eventually but we didn't know when. It hadn't shown up in any code or UI that dataminers could pull, until now. We finally have some game code and files to show the deathmatch entering the game! Thanks to KralRindo

I agree that is not much to go off of and of course gives us no time frame of when it would come out. Knowing Respawn it will still probably be another season or two, but they have surprised us before. No matter how long it takes it is still very exciting that we will be getting a Free For All Deathmatch. There are even new material codes that have the "freedm" in their name!

I hope you all found this news to be as awesome as I did. There are definitely days where I'm solo queueing and just want to not worry about teammates. Let me know your thoughts on having a Free For All Deathmatch below in the comments. I can't wait for this mode to come out!

Stay frosty Legends

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