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  • Apex Legends LifeLine Town Takeover Leak
    Apex Legends LifeLine Town Takeover Leak

    We have a new leak sent to us by an anonymous source that we are sharing about lifelines town take over. From the looks of it, it seems that lifelines town take over was originally planned for Kings Canyon but that they ended up just using it as a random map upgrade in season 8. In the updates to Kings Canyon we saw a seemingly non lore connected change to the map, a very well thought out one. The reason being? It was supposed to be lifelines town take over.

    The source of the leak goes on to explain that these are internal notes and pictures from Respawn headquarters that only devs have access to. What we believe this really reveals is the lack of ability to produce enough content at the time when Covid was at its thickest. The devs were telling the public that they were having no issues producing content yet we went multiple seasons without any town take over or LTMS.

    The crunch and production issues may be ending though as we see that a new map may be around the corner and have received a new LifeLine Town Takeover on Olympus. We sent the leak over to Thordan Smash to explain more on youtube which he has done a great job of if you want to check it out!

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  • Hackers are now Kidnapping you from your game!
    Hackers are now Kidnapping you from your game!

    Cheaters are at it again and appear to have the ability to kidnap you from your own game and throw you into a game with them. This most likely works similar to how they used to force themselves into lobbies of large streamers so keep that in mind as it may be a tip towards how to protect yourself from it. I expect we may see streamers getting kidnapped mid game a lot more frequently.

    Check out the infamous cheater autismgaming420 target a streamer live:

    As you can see, mid game she is fully pulled out of her game and placed into the firing range with AutismGaming420.

    Can we expect a fix from Respawn anytime soon for this? Doubt it.

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