New Apex Legends Survival Item Leaked!

A new survival item has been leaked via iLootGames this item allows for a player to recover their teammates banner remotely from a distance. Currently with Apex a common complaint is the difficulty in recovering your teammates banners if they are fully eliminated and you manage to escape. Right now it is a normal strategy to camp anothers team's deathboxs in order to prevent them from being recovered.

On top of this camping issue, there is the fact that a recovery animation happens when you click to grab a users banner which can lead to your ultimate death. iLootGames explains that the playtester that leaked the screenshot to him did not provide what the distance would be, but we can imagine that any distance would be good distance to keep away from a team that is camping your teammates banners.

Would this be a good addition to the game?

Credits to Apex Legends News and Apex Tracker

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