New Legend Hawk Coming After Blisk, Leaked!

Data and images have surfaced about a new Legend coming after Blisk, and her name is Hawk!

Amazing discovery just came out on reddit that had images of a new Legend named Hawk. Even the abilities of the character were leaked. Thanks to Demonbuer:

Hawk - Survivalist Sniper

Passive: Sniper Kit - Tactical info provides a (3x Holo scope symbol) attached to any long range weapon.

Tactical: Companion Launch - (Unreadable but confirmed by dataminer) is a bird she can control. May be able teleport to it or just use it as a scout.

Ultimate: Is a blue Kraber sniper.

Hawk - Being Played in Game

I'm sure we will hear a lot more about this as dataminers find more and more code with Hawk in it. Many have confirmed that all this current information is true and accurate. If it becomes true that you can teleport to the bird, this will make for some very sweet sniper perches on high cliffs. The idea of a Legend who always has a scope attachment carried with them is insane. Also, to be able to pull out a Kraber as an Ultimate is crazy as well. I'm sure that Ultimate will have quite a hefty cooldown.

Time to get good with those snipers!

Stay frosty Legends

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