Horizon Sky Jump Glitch and Heal

New glitch lets you launch Horizon or your teammate...well...above the horizon! And heal at the same time!

Here is another glitch happening this season in Apex Legends when using Horizon and Lifeline on the same team. The primary mechanics are using both tacticals for Horizon and Lifeline.

The steps are:

-Have Lifeline put down her Health Drone and stand over it with Horizon looking down at it
-At first the drone will go close to the ground, but then start to rise
-When the drone rises and your view starts to clip into the inside of the drone, throw Horizon's tactical
-You will be launched straight up in the air taking the drone with you, and it will heal you while flying.

Is it game breaking?

This may take a little bit of practice but when performed correctly is a very fun glitch to use. I wouldn't say this is game breaking. However, if you have a pair of players that are very good at executing this then they can essentially launch themselves out of battle all while healing at the same time. Coming back into the firefight fully healed.

Come view the horizon with us!

Stay frosty Legends

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