Apex Legends Season 12 – Anniversary Collection Event Leaked!

Last Season we saw the leaker/hacker named AutisimGaming420 get full access to the playtest build and actually play with people that Respawn gave early access to the season. While doing it, he was recording and sharing all the information early. It appears he is back at it, sharing more leaks for the new season!

Including the full store for the Anniversary Collection event!

The biggest thing people will notice is that instead of getting an heirloom if you buy the whole event, you will be receiving the Prestige bloodhound skin which evolves to unlock different colors of the skin as you gain damage through playing bloodhound, this damage amount is so high that you would not be unlocking it in one game but over multiple playing as bloodhound.

Heirlooms will now be named Mythics, as Respawn moves forward with new types of rewards for different events! This most likely will allow them to pump out more collection events as they run out of characters to make heirlooms for.

What do you think?

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