Apex Legends Season 16 Buffs and Nerfs

The new season of Apex Legends Revelry is here and with that we see new buffs and nerfs to the legends!

Lets go over the revealed buffed or nerfed legends so far!

Seer’s ultimate cooldown and duration is increased “pretty hard” - Heartbeat sensor now has a charge-up time, so can’t spam it. Only get the scan on the heartbeat ‘pulses’, not constant. HB sensor now audible to nearby enemies.

Bloodhound has a new ‘white raven' concept. Ultimate will no longer speed up tactical charge, instead, will now find "ethereal white ravens" around the map, that when interacted with, will fly in the direction of the closest enemy, guiding them into battle.

Mirage. After reviving, Mirage + ally will be cloaked for 3 seconds, but unarmed. If you draw a weapon, cloak breaks immediately. Additionally, when a clone is shot, the bamboozled enemy will now be tracked for a short time.

Horizon. Accuracy on gravity lift has been reduced, making it more difficult to hit targets when floating. However, ”lift speed nudged up a little bit”.

Lifeline. Greatly reduced the slow penalty when activating her revive, and greatly increased the drop speed and range of her care package.

Wraith. Wraith can now place her portal twice as far as before, and will speed up as she travels that extra distance.

Pathfinder. Pathfinder’s range and riding speed on zipline increased “significantly”, so can travel further and faster than before.

Apex Legends Season 16

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