Apex Legends Season 11 – Ash Abilities Leaked

Ash is finally coming to the Apex Games. Titanfall fans would be familiar with her in the Titanfall 2 Campaign. With her being a Simulacrum and a Former Apex Predator she has to have some interesting abilities right? …. OF Course she does below you will see a video leaked by Youtube Leaker AutismGaming420 of her using her Tactical Arc Snare, an Arc Star like Projection. It appears to slowly move and do 10 damage if it hits a target along with slowing the target similar to an arc star hit.

Secondly her Ult Phase Breach from the looks of it appears like a Wraith Portal but BETTER sorry Wraith mains…Hello you guys ther~ oh they all disconnected already whatever anyway yes her ult from the looks of it opens a one way Portal to the location she chooses within range.

Her Passive is Marked For Death- her map will show the location of deathboxs, interacting with a deathbox will show any surviving legends.

We expect to see leaked gameplay soon as this has been one of the largest dump of leaks seen recently.

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