Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection Details!

With the new season only a week away, we have new details being leaked by data miner iLootGames

In todays Kill Code Part 2 Trailer, Apex's Revenant was fully revealed with his new look for Revenant Reborn.

While patch notes do not come out till August 7th , we have gathered the leaked details from iLootGame's Season 18 Apex Leaks Video here:

Revenant's Passive

Unlimited Climb

Crab Walk

Marked Low Health Enemies


Super Jump that allows you to leap forward or vertical at distances up to that of Octane's jump pad. You can hold to charge it and leap further.


To be revealed soon by iLootGame's on his youtube channel but he does state that it contains some sort of Shadow Mode. His prior leaks claimed a health and armor leech when finishing kills in a fight.

Charge Rifle Rework

No longer hit scan, has bullet drop, needs to be charged up to do most damage, similar to a rail gun or the charge rifle from TItanfall. Along with this its been stated to now have ammo magazines and do more damage the further away a target is!


Prowler will be going to the care package and select fire will return to it!


Gun Run and Team Deathmatch will be added to The Core POI on Broken Moon

Control will get the new POI of Production Yard added from Broken Moon.

We expect more leaks to be coming soon and will keep you updated!


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