Horizon Sky Jump Glitch and Heal
New glitch lets you launch Horizon or your teammate...well...above the
Exclusive Content for Apex Mobile and New Future Legend
Apex Mobile Maps and Modes Released and Blisk possibly a
New Super Grapple Glitch
New glitch allows pathfinder to super grapple across the map!
Season 12 Full Battlepass Leaked!
With the new season around the corner we can expect
Maggie/Crypto abilities along with new hopup!
New leaked gameplay via AutismGaming420 that shows Maggies abilities in
RE-45 With Hammerpoints and Volt Care Package
AutismGaming420 continued with the leaks as he tested out the
Bloodhound Prestige Skin Leak
With the leaks by AutismGaming420, we are able to learn
Apex Legends Season 12 – Anniversary Collection Event Leaked!
Last Season we saw the leaker/hacker named AutisimGaming420 get full
Defiance Season 12 Apex Legends – Patch Notes
Today official patch note information was released by DotEsports and
Apex Legends Thematic Event Leak – Dark Depth
With the new patch releasing today, we were able to